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The Thousand Yard Stare (2010)

A costumed performance for Park '10 

Cannizaro Park, London 

The performance commences on the lawns near Cannizaro House, duration is 45 minutes - 1 hour 


The context for this performance is the American Red Cross’ use of Cannizaro House as a convalescent home during World War One. The costumes worn by the characters of soldier and nurse are inspired by the stylised imagery of the Constructivists, a Russian Avant-Garde Art movement of the early 20th century. These costumes and the choreographed movements symbolise a sense of ‘otherness’ and alienation that arises from a conflict that occurs between the expected behaviour and the internal experience of those who experience warfare and those who care for them. Non-verbal ritual displays occur along a pre-defined route around the park. Through the experience and reaction of other park users who witness these silent actions, the work examines both historical and current attitudes to post- traumatic stress disorder, and brings aspects of the site’s heritage into a contemporary context.


Performers: Sharon McElroy, Neil McElroy,

Scott Sherriff

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