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I am an installation artist and filmmaker who uses textiles within a socio-political framework to explore shared histories in relation to place.


Research is undertaken through a thorough engagement with specific communities and contexts and I have extensive experience of working this way within a variety of settings. I create costumes and props., and through the theatricality and spectacle of choreographed costumed performance, video and installation I explore themes of identity, community conflict, displacement and marginalization. Motifs sourced from folkloric, art-historical and popular cultural sources including ritual and the emblematic are re-contextualized to create new narratives and expose narratives that are hidden.


Another strand of my practice is the semi-narrative documentary style films which I  structure around edited audio material taken from interviews and conversations I have with members of specific groups or communities. My research and the resulting final works are informed by the contemporary or historical contexts of each community and site or a combination of both.

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